The 5.6-inch Note Edge is a variation of the Universe Note 4, the most recent emphasis of Samsung’s substantial screen stalwart. The Edge’s fundamental presentation bends around the right edge of the telephone to make a side showcase for notices and one-tap access to applications, features and assignments.

That side screen is helpful in a couple of ways. At the point when utilizing the cam on a level plane, the shade and different controls are up top, much the same as a customary cam. At the point when listening to music, playback controls are right away accessible. During the evening, the climate, current time and wake-up time are shown as an afterthought, so you can undoubtedly check as the telephone lays on an end table.

The Edge needs more applications to exploit that side screen. There are around twelve, however few of which I want to have. Also the side content is frequently upside down when the telephone rests face up. It’s an original peculiarity, and it’ll require significant investment for Samsung and application engineers to make sense of what works best.

Like the Note 4, the Edge has a great cam, an energetic showcase and a stylus for doodling and penmanship. It has an unique finger impression sensor and a heart-rate screen, both still uncommon in cell phones. In any case you’re paying about $100 more for the Edge, for the most part for that side screen.

The Edge is likewise marginally more extensive, and its battery doesn’t keep going as long — a couple of hours less of streaming feature in my tests. Get the Edge over the Note 4 just on the off chance that you can think about a requirement for that side screen.

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