6 Best Places in Kolkata for a Dazzling Prewedding Photoshoot


Toward the end of any wedding, it is dependably the photographs that give couples memories that they esteem forever. talking about wedding photos, one pattern that is overwhelming the scene in India is that of the prewedding photograph shoot. It is a concept where the to-be marry couples get an opportunity to make some un-replicable valuable minutes that are flawlessly caught by their photographic artist.

Practically all couples and their photographic artists incline toward characteristic open air areas for their prewedding shoots. An open air location allows the couple to act naturally before the cam. In this way, picking the right area can do ponders for your shoot. That being said, we have arranged a manual for help you choose the best area for a prewedding shoot in your city. We have effectively done the first piece of our arrangement on Best Places in Delhi for a pre-wedding Shoot. Also, here is another one for all the forthcoming wedded couples in Kolkata. Here are the best areas in Kolkata for a prewedding shoot.

 1-Hooghly Ghat

The morning life in the Hooghly Ghats is an extraordinary mixture of vessels, bathers, religious offerings and nearby masseurs. The morning light is simply ideal for photography. The smokey climate in the winters will make a fragrance of puzzle in your photographs, which will make them much more unique.

You can take one of the watercraft rides to catch a photograph with the Howrah Connect behind you. What’s more, you can look at other encompassing zones of the Hooghly Ghat, which are simply superbly left yet enough gathered for a flawless photograph shoot session.

 2-Princep Ghat

The two kilometer stretch of lovely riverfront (of the holy Ganges) is the thing that enhances its photographic centrality. A prominent joint spot for lovebirds is an adequate thought for prewedding shoot, particularly at a young hour in the morning or at the verge of dusk.Actually wedding picture taker, Indrajit Bhattacharya, of Wedding Ringers says, “I would say Prinsep Ghat is the best area to catch a couple in a sentimental disposition.”

Discussing the area and the motivation behind why he adores this one, he includes, “It is prosaism however exemplary. It has combo of white columns, a recreation center, track tracks, Ganges and scaffold see, all in a solitary area. Furthermore, it runs well with different types of dresses.”

 3-New Town, Eco Park

Eco Park is noticeably as of late developed when contrasted with different places in the city, however is a fitting decision for a prewedding shoot. Spotted at New Town, its key attractions incorporate Rose enclosure, Butterfly arrangement, Apples and oranges enclosure, Tea arrangement and Eco Island.The swarm generally comprises of laid back guests who now unwind and revel in. When you are there you can take all the time you have to finish the shoot void of any preoccupations and aggravation.

Discussing this area, photographic artist, Indrajit Bhattacharya, says, “Eco Park is an alternate most loved of mine nowadays. It is a consolidation of water body, park, walkways, vessel ride, all that a photographic artist can request.”He further includes, “The sun sets not too far off of the water body here, which makes it excellent for photographs amid the dusk hours.”

 4-Herbal Enclosure

Placed on the west bank of Ganges in Shibpur, Natural Arrangement is a delightful area for a prewedding photograph shoot.Herbal Enclosure is for the individuals who need to take away a couple of minutes, from all the prying eyes, in the laps of the nature.Its popular Banyan tree, palm gathering, and goliath amazon lily cushions offer a shocking common setting to a couple’s photos. there you will likewise get a drifting lake, to add fascinating components to the photos.


From Hooghly in the west to Chowringhee and Park Road in the east, Maidan is a tremendous urban park. This immense stretch of open area is lined with rich greenery, tram tracks and statues. It likewise houses Stronghold Williams, Victoria Commemoration, St. Paul’s Basilica and Birla Planetarium.Its limitlessness is the motivation behind why it is so favored area for a prewedding shoot by Kolkata-based couples and their photographers. maidan is an enormous open field, which is truly packed as well. All things considered, perhaps that is a motivation behind why Abhijit Bhowmick, of 35mm World Studio, cherishes this area.

He says, “I attempt to catch the few’s minutes unaware of the occupied and tumultuous encompassing. It makes the couple emerge. Likewise, I cherish shooting trams out of sight. Trams hold chronicled hugeness in Kolkata.”

 6-Victoria Memorial

While in Kolkata, in what capacity can one overlook Victoria Remembrance? It is an astounding showcase of British provincial structural planning and an unexplainable mix of European, Indian and Persian styles.It is decently kept up with excellent arrangements, which has earned its name as “couple’s home base” throughout the years. It is the perfect area for a prewedding shoot with such a variety of potential gimmicks to adventure in innovations.

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